1. Stop using social media
  2. Stop using dating apps
  3. Stop playing video games
  4. Stop listening to the major media and news networks
  5. Stop watching porn
  6. Stop watching reality TV
  7. Stop watching the late-night jokemen
  8. Stop watching sports
  9. Stop watching popular movies
  10. Stop listening to pop music, hip-hop, and EDM
  11. Stop wasting time on the Internet
  12. Stop wearing trendy clothing
  13. Stop vlogging
  14. Stop being promiscuous
  15. Stop using recreational drugs
  16. Stop drinking alcohol
  17. Stop taking selfies
  18. Stop getting tattoos
  19. Stop getting trendy haircuts
  20. Stop living in a metropolis
  21. Stop vaping
  22. Stop smoking
  23. Stop having a trendy beard
  24. Stop using slang
  25. Stop collecting sneakers and hats
  26. Stop calling people you don’t like Nazis and fascists
  27. Stop advocating for socialism or communism
  28. Stop trying to get something for nothing
  29. Stop voting straight party ticket
  30. Stop supporting Antifa
  31. Stop supporting neo-Nazis
  32. Stop ranting about the patriarchy
  33. Stop ranting about social constructs
  34. Stop ranting about diversity
  35. Stop ranting about race
  36. Stop ranting about immigration
  37. Stop ranting about Russia
  38. Stop ranting about gender
  39. Stop ranting about “snowflakes”
  40. Stop ranting about feminism
  41. Stop ranting about “cultural appropriation”
  42. Stop ranting about rich people
  43. Stop ranting about capitalism
  44. Stop ranting about the “wage gap”
  45. Stop ranting about white people
  46. Stop ranting about guns
  47. Stop ranting about “hate speech”
  48. Stop ranting about nationalism
  49. Stop ranting about “toxic masculinity”
  50. Stop ranting about “white privilege”
  51. Stop ranting that “not all [X] are like that”
  52. Stop trying to get people you don’t like banned
  53. Stop leasing brand new cars
  54. Stop proselytizing
  55. Stop denying evolution
  56. Stop being fat
  57. Stop cheating on romantic partners
  58. Start working more than 40 hours per week
  59. Start developing expertise
  60. Start waking up early
  61. Start saving money
  62. Start paying taxes
  63. Start owning land
  64. Start owning guns
  65. Start exercising regularly
  66. Start eating a nutritious diet
  67. Start getting married
  68. Start having children
  69. Start listening to real music
  70. Start eliminating debt
  71. Start following alternative media
  72. Start reading books. Start with the following:
    1. Lessons of History
    2. Brave New World
    3. 1984
    4. Atlas Shrugged
    5. Tragedy & Hope
    6. The Richest Man in Babylon
  73. Start watching documentaries. Start with the following:
    1. The Money Masters
    2. China - A Century of Revolution
    3. Apocalypse - Stalin
    4. The Great Depression
  74. Start listening to lectures and interviews. Start with the following:
    1. Antonin Scalia - On American Exceptionalism
    2. Jordan B Peterson - Slaying the Dragon Within Us
    3. Christopher Hitchens - Free Speech
    4. Milton Friedman on Donahue
    5. The Best of Thomas Sowell
    6. Richard Feynman - Los Alamos From Below

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